Helping Children Since 1977

Since 1977, the Appstate Clinic has been able to provide services to children with language and reading disabilities regardless of their family’s ability to pay for these services. We estimate that we have trained over 1600 speech-language pathologists during that time.

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Today, Alison is a junior in high school and an honors student. She has studied violin since 5th grade and will play in the Western Regional Honors Orchestra this spring. As a high school junior, she is investigating colleges and universities with plans for a career in the medical field. Alison’s success is a result of her determination and hard work but also the result of opportunities afforded by the Scottish Rite Masonic Foundation and services provided by the Communication Disorders Clinic at ASU. For this our family is grateful.
Ellen A. Cowan
Words cannot express the lasting impression this program has had on our family. We will forever be indebted. Thank You!
Gabrielle Vick
Support from the Foundation has helped children from thousands of North Carolina residents over­come their language-learning dis­ability and or dyslexia.  Want to share your family’s story?

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Diagnostic Evaluations

The ECU Scottish Rite program specializes in providing diagnostic evaluations to children and adolescents who are suspected of having or who have been diagnosed as having a language-based learning disability (i.e. problems with pre-reading skills, reading, writing, understanding speech, and/or expressing themselves orally).

Southern Jurisdiction Leads The Way

The Southern Jurisdiction supports aiding the aphasic and dyslexic child through its RiteCare Centers. Thousands of children are terribly afflicted by their inability to communicate. Unless helped, they face a lifetime of the inability to read or understand.