Collaboration is key to success at Appalachian’s lab school

Our youngest Mountaineers — those who attend our lab school in Walkertown — are doing very well. The Appalachian Academy at Middle Fork is one of nine schools in North Carolina selected to partner with a state university to advance literacy. The academy is approaching the close of its first full year with positive reports all around.

Dr. Robin Groce, our director of planning and implementation for the lab school, reports the academy’s fifth-graders achieved an 81% increase from their fourth-grade scores on their “winter check-in” pre-assessments for the North Carolina End-of-Grade Reading Comprehension Test.

The support and engagement of the students’ families, the surrounding community and the academy’s staff are major factors for these impressive outcomes. Kudos to every individual who touches the lives of these young learners.

The academy features a full faculty of 29, including eight Appalachian graduates — seven of whom hold master’s degrees. Additionally, one faculty member holds a Ph.D. in educational leadership and 15 are currently enrolled or are enrolling in advanced degree programs at Appalachian. The academy also receives expertise and guidance from an on-campus team and advisory board.

 Please enjoy this short video on the Appalachian Academy at Middle Fork. The collective enthusiasm for learning at the academy is evident in this short video.